Thursday, September 26, 2019


In elementary school
I had a special privilege
I didn't fully appreciate
I rode every Thursday
across town
To another school
For physical therapy
Occupational as well
And what I dreaded
Has become a beautiful memory

Every Thursday
My mind escaped
What my body could not
Mental pain
Becomes physical strength

My two therapists
Would expect excellence
Because they saw
What I refused
To acknowledge
I would rise
To any circumstance


  1. Estupendo post! Feliz noche y gracias por pasarte por mi blog! 🌻🌻🌻

  2. Lemons can make lemonade. Good story -- thanks.

  3. Very well said. You are so right- mental pain does become our strength. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. That is wonderful, the happening, and wonderfully written.

  5. Thank you for sharing this.
    Blessings to you.

    All the best Jan

  6. Thanks for sharing your story, Regine. I enjoyed reading it. : )


  7. Amazing what time does to memories. The Eldest had OT and PT when she was in First Grade. She loved it especially memories of playing with, I think it was called Floam.

  8. Thank you for sharing this very personal memory, Regine!

  9. This is a deeply moving poem. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  10. beautiful poem reflecting on a hard time.

  11. love the poem

  12. Oh sweetheart
    My best wishes to you

  13. This is great; you should send this to young therapists who are just starting out... it may be what they need to hear!

  14. It's nice that you had two people to help and understand! :)

  15. This is really powerful and a wonderful thing for us all to keep in mind when we are doing something hard that we dread -- the benefits can be well worth it. Thank you for sharing it.

  16. How nice to look back with a different perspective, and gain additional benefit from it today.

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