Friday, October 18, 2019


How are you
Dear ones
Is your heart
Light and filled
With opportunity
Or weighed down
By sorrow sadness
And despair
Love to you all
May today
Beam with a radiance
Of a shooting star


  1. May l return each and every word
    with Joy...! :o).

  2. I return your love gladly.
    It is nice to read your lovely thoughts~

  3. My heart is relieved and thankful. Just found out info and help and treatment for a hearing disorder my son was going through.

    This is a really nice post today. And has anyone told you lately what a lovely person you are?


  4. thank you, Regine. I'm having such a lovely day and now, reading this, it's even more so.

  5. thank you. This time of year ...well every part of the year - i have the sadness but I talk myself out of it and say look at this place - your place in space and time and thank God you've gotten to experience it all. then the sadness leaves ... most of the time.

  6. Beautiful. Hub's has the stomach flue please write a poem about that... okay I am joking.:)

  7. Lovely poem!
    And I have a lovely day :)

  8. I had a busy morning and a relaxed afternoon. Hope it will be peaceful and relaxing for the rest of the day. Lovely poem. Hope you are well and at peace.

  9. Such a beautiful and touching poem, dear Rue...and I return all those same sentiments to you.
    Have a wonderful day! :)) xxx

  10. Have a lovely day just like your verse!

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