Friday, October 4, 2019


I used to love shopping, and now I leave a store thinking I survived. There is nothing worse than the utter lack of decency in a shopping experience today. I've been to many a store where asking a question is seen as an inconvenience. Let me fill you in. If I'm asking, I must really know. I'm glad I look able to you, but I'm not. Stop telling me: Go find it yourself. Trust me, my pride doesn't want to ask. If I were mean I'd tell you you're in the wrong job, but I don't know your pain. I'm not naming places, I will just say the world needs a course in sensitivity training. I would shop online, but I'm trying not to isolate and become a hermit. Feign a smile. Something to let me know you care even if that's not so.


  1. The problem is retailers aren't spending enough time training their staff and they certainly don't train them in customer service. That's a big part of the problem. And with a lot of retailers turning to self-serve check-out, we might as well be shopping on line.

  2. Exactly the same problem here, I can really sympathise.😕
    It does seem there is no training in customer service at all now.
    Coincidentally, I have been shopping just this morning...and one assistant simply grunted at me after I'd said "Hi" with a smile...then another literally scowled at me and threw my change across the checkout!
    I honestly don't know what has happened to the standards of customer service...maybe working conditions could be the problem. But they could at least try to be pleasant, couldn't they?

    Oh well, I am sending you some smiles 😊😊

    and big hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. This is probably why more and more people shop online...

  4. I sympathize with you.

    Anyway I cannot imagine shop staff here telling anyone "go and find it yourself".

  5. shop online!!

  6. I really understand your frustration, Regine. When calling department stores, they transfer you here and there, and you have to hold for a long time, and you get sales people who are less than interested in helping you. There are some though that are helpful. A lady yesterday while shopping tried to get me a discount on my purchase, and I was so thankful for that. She went above and beyond to help me. I'm sorry you had a bad day shopping. And your words about shopping online were wise and true. Besides, many times we have to return online things, and it is a hassle. Hang in there, dear one. I totally understand.


  7. I shop online for almost everything. I've become and Amazon Junkie. I can usually wait the 2 days it takes for something to show up rather than waste time searching in the stores.

  8. I understand about that for sure. If one has some trouble getting around it's nice to know where exactly to start.

  9. That is such a pet peeve of mine. When you get a clerk that will take you right to something it is a huge blessing.The other day I was at our Credit union that decided rather than 5 tellers it would have 2 and put in these machines. Of course no one trusts them and one was broken down when I was there. The line was out the door and I had been waiting for 20 minutes listening to all the grumbles. There was an elderly woman standing 4 people behind me who said," If my husband had not been complaining all day about not having a new check register I would not be standing here." So When I FINALLY got to the teller the first ting I asked for was a new register, I then had it handed back to the lady. It made everyone laugh.

  10. Oh well, that sounds like a terrible experience. I've been pretty lucky with store employees in that they're mostly helpful or if they're not, at least they're not rude. I'm sorry that this has been your experience.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  11. I have had experiences like that but also good ones

  12. Oh no I am so sorry! That is so awful! I've been lucky and didn't encounter this experience. I personally think if your job is customer service that the utmost respect should be given to any individual.

  13. sorry to hear that you had bad experience with shopping.

    have a wonderful day

  14. This is so spot on. And I'm so deeply saddened that this is your experience shopping. I hate it too, but I am able to handle the movement of it. What some don't realize is that certain disabilities -- is that the right word? -- are invisible to others. And even if they aren't, you are so right about the lack of sensitivity and kindness in so many these days -- whether it is store clerks, politicians or people on the street.

  15. Store "helpers" point over there when asked where something is, as if everybody is tall enough to see over those counters. *sigh* There's a reason we ask; if we could see it from here, we wouldn't be asking.

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