Thursday, October 3, 2019


If I understood forgiveness, I wouldn't lay blame on what I couldn't control. Cerebral Palsy, I've known you and experienced your side effects. My youth, I knew your prescence in physical pain. I now see that the mental weight you inflict has been just as bad. I'm tired of explaining to the world that I'm slow. Let me clue you in. I know I am slow, I needn't the reminder. I will never be the hare. The tortoise is my animal. Every time I hear it, I'm taken back to a time when I wasn't picked for a team. I watched from the sidelines. I watched many a ball do a swoosh through the hoop. The playground became a place of what ifs. My safety became paramount, and all I could think is I can't  argue. I haven't climbed monkey bars. The playground became a place of false hope. Maybe next time, became maybe never. Right now I have to lay it all down. Please don't use slow around me. I'm well aware. I apologize about it. I know people can wait, but I'm tired of having to give a life story for as to why.


  1. Slow learners typically do not have a disability, even though they need extra support. Cognitive abilities are too high for these learners to be considered for an Intellectual Disability. However, the abilities are usually too low to be considered for a Learning Disability...
    Here are a few ways you can help your self increase processing speed....
    Practice a specific skill..
    Practice can help improve your speed skill..
    Help your self be more efficient..
    Work on some planning and organizations..
    Talk to your family and friends..
    Stay positive..

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart here with us today. We sometimes take for granted all the things we can do. This was a gentle reminder that we should be grateful for all the things we have the ability to achieve, whether we can do it at a rapid speed or need to take a little more time.

    God bless you for all that you've been through. Your blog is such a real platform that reaches so many.

  3. Thank you Regine for sharing your childhood struggles and your current ones. If people don't understand what that you are as my friend calls herself "differently abled" then shame on them.

    I know what you've gone through is just terrible and there is nothing "beautiful" about what you are going through. May the Lord strengthen you in your spirit and help you give Grace to those who don't understand CP.

  4. R, beautifully said! Thank you for sharing your struggles with CP here. The tortoise is no less valuable than the hare!

  5. We need to thinks more about other people. And try not to make their days harder.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. My heart goes out to you, childhood is hard enough without a disability. You give everyone such a good perspective.

  7. You are brave to share your deeply personal struggles and challenges and I so admire you for it. I'm the slow one in my world. I view it as other people's problem -- I can work with it. When you talked about the team picking it brought back memories. I was always picked last. But picked. I never thought about being grateful to be picked but reading your words, I realize that it was a gratitude missed and one I'll think about now.

  8. This is so honest. I like the idea of honesty. There is nothing wrong with the tortoise. In the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise wins. Being fast isn't everything. Hugs-Erika

  9. People should slow down like you, Regine. Never let anyone discourage you by saying you're too slow. You see many things in the world that others just pass by.


  10. Again - expressive for sure. I had the thought to google symbology for tortoise (I'm big on symbology)...anyway it said this.
    "All over the world, the tortoise is seen as a symbol for wisdom, security, endurance, peacefulness, longevity, and patience"

    i liked this - possibly a new framework you can also add to your Beingness.

  11. I was out shopping this afternoon, and saw a journal that said "take it slow." I thought about you right away. It was so cute with a koala bear on the cover. : )

  12. Hi R! I am the slowest person. When I saw ads Johnson's baby, how a mom cares her baby slowly and the baby smile and happy, then I realize that slow can bring a happiness :)

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