Thursday, November 17, 2022


 Tell me something good?

Favorite Thanksgiving side?

Favorite gift to give?

Do you send out Christmas cards?

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. I do send out Xmas cards, less every year though

  2. Something good: I appreciate your posts Regine. They are a blessing to read.
    Thanksgiving side: stuffing
    Favorite gift to give: Gift cards to persons favorite store
    Christmas Cards: I plan to this year.
    Want for Christmas: Large print Thompson Chain Reference Bible

  3. Something good -- I'm working and get a lot of satisfaction from my job.
    Favorite Thanksgiving side -- stuffing no, mashed potatoes, no, rolls
    Favorite gift -- love
    Cards -- yes, I send them most years
    What do I want for Christmas? A light weight trimmer that I can hold up and a pressure washer.


  4. Tell me something good? I woke up this morning and felt great.

    Favorite Thanksgiving side? Potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream.

    Favorite gift to give? My love.

    Do you send out Christmas cards? No, I gave up on cards many years ago.

    What do you want for Christmas? World peace.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Regine. ♥

  5. Quer que diga algo de bom?...Ok, Caramelos e bombons, rsrssrs
    Cumprimentos poéticos
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  6. something good- loving family
    favorite Thanksgiving side--dressing
    money to help those in need
    Christmas cards, Plan to this year!
    Be with my husband and 2 adult children

  7. something good: days off from work next week!
    favorite Thanksgiving side: dressing
    I like to give books as gifts.
    I do send out some Christmas cards every year.
    And I would love a new camera for Christmas. :D

  8. Something good: it's a sunny day and I crossed off a few things on my To Do List!
    Favorite side - Cranberry sauce (homemade)
    Favorite gift to give - homemade jam
    Yes, I send some Christmas cards
    What I want for Christmas: to spend it with my daughter

    What would you like to have for Christmas?

  9. Tell me something good? The kitties had their annual checkup and are both healthy

    Favorite Thanksgiving side? cranberry sauce (preferably whole cranberries)

    Favorite gift to give? Money. No worries about what someone wants. They can put the money towards something they want or need. No returns.

    Do you send out Christmas cards? Yes

    What do you want for Christmas? A new front door

  10. Tell me something good? A good night's sleep!

    Favorite Thanksgiving side? Dressing

    Favorite gift to give? Myself

    Do you send out Christmas cards? No

    What do you want for Christmas? Tranquility

  11. God loves me
    Sweet Potatoes
    Something I've made

  12. Dearest Regine,
    Thanksgiving is just the two of us and no special dinner on the menu—just our regular health food.
    The favorite gift to give is TIME and an EAR to those that need it most.
    We only send out limited amounts of Christmas cards.
    Overseas we have almost entirely given up on as delivery takes some five to six weeks. Compared to the mid 1980s we have gone way backward...
    What do I want for Christmas?
    Both of us never have caved in to the forced commercial Christmas celebration.
    Christmas for us still remains the pure celebration of the Birth of Christ!
    That's the way we celebrate it in a Christian way.
    Back in the Old World where we had and still have—First and Second Christmas Day, we would celebrate that with a special dinner as a family. One day with your Parents and the next with your in–laws for instance. Very much like here the Thanksgiving dinner is a family event.

  13. Things are good at the moment, sides could be anything love them all, like to make up little gift bags with tny surprises, always send handmade cards and just want my family and friends around me for Christmas xXx

  14. Dog sitting rn - cuties!
    Side? Candied yams!
    Gift: anything, as long as I can wrap it beautifully with a real ribbon bow :)
    No cards this year
    Hoping for peace, inner and otherwise

    Thx for always checking on me and sending positive vibes, darling! Back at ya!


  15. Kitty cuddles today
    Garlic mashed potatoes
    anything personal
    Yes I send Christmas cards
    I would love for the war in Ukraine to end, that would be the best Christmas gift

  16. Tell me something good? I'm reading the latest Sophie Kinsella book, my literary happy place.

    Favorite Thanksgiving side? Mudgeway Family casserole (veggies, Swiss cheese, sour cream, French's fried onions)

    Favorite gift to give? Books

    Do you send out Christmas cards? No

    What do you want for Christmas? Books

  17. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands.
    I do send Christmas cards but not that much, I usually make a nice card on the PC and send it to all my friends and acquaintances by email.
    Greetings Irma

  18. My favorite sides for Thanksgiving are cheesy baked potatoes and my homemade stuffing with apples and celery. We haven't mailed Christmas cards, but one year I bought them, and then lost them before mailing. Well, I guess I could say all I want for Christmas is my living room to be completely done, and tree up in there, but it's very slow going right now. Hm. Favorite gift to give is home canned apple spiced jelly, or homemade hot cocoa, or homemade liquors.

  19. Favorite Thanksgiving side? The stuffing/dressing
    Favorite gift to give? My friend Kate's calendar.
    Do you send out Christmas cards? Yes
    What do you want for Christmas? A new bird feeder

  20. Favorite Thanksgiving side...stuffing.
    Do I send Christmas cards, Yes, Don't know how much longer I will be able to do that. Postage keeps going up and up.
    What do I want for Christmas to be with my family.. (Due to Corvid there were years we couldn't be together...
    My wish for Christmas would be to see my grandson for Christmas...but , at present he is about 11,000+ miles from me. I don't think it's going to happen.

  21. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but do I send Christmas cards? Yep! And they are all ready to be posted on December 1st. A few less than last year due to postage increases. What do I want for Christmas? Nothing, and I mean that! Due to me getting what I want when I want over the year.

  22. Regine: Thank you for visiting my blog. TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: I am a cancer survivor. FAVORITE THANKSGIVING Side: Candied Sweet Potatoes-my grandma made the best ones. My husband and our son really like them. FAVORITE GIFT TO GIVE: A book. SEND OUT CHRISTMAS CARDS: Yes, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Better health for hubby and for me.

  23. *having two more small heaters installed in house.
    *Panetone bread
    *yes, but the last couple years were sent by e-mail.
    *I love to get homemade goodies. : )

  24. They pulled my sweetie's picc line yesterday. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean all the fatigue and destroyed muscle from the staph infection are gone, but it does mean hope and a new beginning. Thanks for visiting my blog.