Thursday, May 25, 2023


 What are you reading?

What are you eating?

What are you buying?

What’s making you smile?


  1. Reading: Things We Hide From The Light
    Eating: Egg white wrap
    Buying: Coffee
    Making me Smile: the upcoming weekend

  2. I'm reading Atomic Habits, eating French toast and sausage leftover, but may make scrambled eggs to go with it, Coffee, I'm considering buying some farmer's defense protective sleeves, and we need new solar lights for the garden, and what makes me smile? Waking up to a clean kitchen.

  3. Reading: Fairytale by Stephen King
    Eating: Banana Nut Muffin
    Buying: Inventory for my small business. I haven't bought myself something just for me in a long time.
    Making me Smile: My kitties

  4. Reading: She's Gone She's Gone She's Gone by David Bell
    Eating: Coffee so far
    Buying: Silicon mini muffin pan
    Smiling: Woke to sunshine instead of cloudy skies

  5. What are you reading? My Peace-Filled Day by Rick Renner

    What are you eating? Walnuts. Too many walnuts!

    What are you buying? Schoolbooks soon for college son, and for high school son

    What’s making you smile? Questions! I love questions.

  6. Reading The Glucose Goddess Method
    About to have kimbap for lunch
    Buying KN95 masks
    Organizing stuff to sell in our upcoming yard sale is making me smile

  7. *no reading
    *red velvet donuts and coffee
    *ladybug painted rock
    *looking out my window to the pine trees all around. ; )

  8. I'm currently reading another book from the "Outlander" saga.
    Tonight we will eat curd dumplings with elder compote.
    We don't buy much other than groceries.
    The blackbird singing in front of my window makes me smile - and many other things 😊
    Have a good time!
    All the best 🌱🌿🌱 Traude

  9. Reading: Love You Again by Julia Kent
    Eating: Chips and Salsa
    Buying: new watch battery
    Smiling because it's the last day of school and I have two months of summer ahead before the next year starts. :D

  10. Reading The New York Times Thursday Styles
    Eating linguine w Brie, tomatoes and basil
    Buying repairs to my car :(
    Your love & support are making me smile! Thank you, darling :)


  11. Reading French Braid by Anne Tyler
    Eating corn bread
    Buying nothing
    Smile because it's a sunny day.

  12. Reading Sputnik by Paul Dickson; Eating is next on my list, as soon as I figure out what; buying that I don't have to go anywhere to enjoy my vacation; Smiling at watching the softball College world series.

  13. These are good questions, I would like to ask you those same questions. All beauty makes me smile, especially the flowers in my garden.

  14. Reading - The Sommerfeld Trilogy by Kim Vogel Sawyer
    Eating - antacids! I have indigestion
    Buying - nothing at this moment, but I bought some fruit this afternoon
    Smile - my cat, and how he is adapting to having a new kitten in the house

  15. Reading - blogs
    Eating - bread and strawberries my neighbor gave me
    Buying - nothing right now,
    Smile - Video chatting with my daughter
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  16. What are you reading? - These Precious Days (Ann Patchett
    What are you eating? A spoonful of coconut. (Don't judge.)
    What are you buying? As Little as Possible of ANYTHING!
    What’s making you smile? I hear my warblers tweeting away outside!