Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday thoughts

1.  You will learn patience when you least expect it.
2.  There is always something to learn.
3.  Part of being human is to know you will fall
4.  Part of being extraordinary is getting up
5.  It doesn't take much to change the world
6. If you really want something, you will ask
7.  Saying NO is not a bad thing
8.  The world owes me nothing.
9.  God does His thing
10. Tampering with His will does not mean you will get what you want.

Here are some fun ones

Southern food is so yummy...I'm talking Mac and Cheese and Fried Okra
Entering giveaways and winning them is addicting
Blog friendships are the best
It's not the quantity of friends.  it is the quality
Why does Diet Coke have to taste so good

God Bless,


  1. Awesome reminders!
    I sometimes crave Diet Coke ;)


  2. Blog friendships ARE the best, that's for sure. : )