Thursday, August 5, 2021


 Early morning fun

When coyotes roam

Right outside

Perfect view


The windowpane 


  1. Awesome! Very interesting creatures, too.

  2. I've never seen or heard a copote. I think I would like to!

  3. One afternoon on our way back from errands there was a coyote roaming about. I called my friend who lives around the corner to warn her because her three year old daughter often plays outside. We do here them late at night.

  4. We don't like it when they roam here, they eat our feral family members.

  5. Love the picture you paint with your words. :)

  6. I love watching the wildlife in my parents’ yard.

  7. We are always excited to see wildlife out of the window. We had a coyote early this year!

  8. I have to admit that coyotes scare me. We haven't seen any in a long time but had them when we first moved into our home. Always worried about our dogs safety.

  9. They are becoming pesky in our City.

  10. Fun poem. We have coyotes here, too, in central Virginia. Sometimes they sing their yipping songs at night.

  11. It's probably safest to gaze at coyotes through the window. We don't really have them in NYC.

  12. I've never seen a coyote before, stay safe!

    Hope you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue

  13. We hear coyotes at night here - their cry is eerie!

  14. Dearest Regine,
    Heard them at night, across the lake at a friends' home but both of us never have seen them!

  15. Hurrah, my blogger reading list is back. Its great to be able to see the coyotes from your window. What a wonderful image you create. hugs-Erika

  16. We have coyotes in our backyard many days too!! It's like a wild nature preserve at times!!

  17. That must be a beautiful view to wake to Regine
    Stay safe

  18. They are quite interesting creatures. We use to see one running behind the office buildings into an open space filled with trees and bushes. He was so thin we called him Wiley Coyote. If they are spotted in our area we are careful with our small pets coming in and out during the day.

  19. Foxes where we live and they get quite noisy at this time of the year and the local cats too.

  20. Cool sight! I've seen fox but never coyote.

  21. Coyotes are beautiful but not good for my cats!

  22. Oh I love this, I see coyotes some morning on my walk.
    Take care of yourself.
    Tammy x

  23. Wow, that must have been a sight to see a coyote. I saw a Buck the other day and it made my day. : )

  24. Sounds fun! I actually had a Grey Wolf in my backyard a few months ago and it was really cool! :)

  25. you make me curious if you live in the desert, in the mountains, near the coast, on a sail boat.. oh wouldn't be seeing coyotes probably if you did. Here I see them running down the road looking for food. One time I was hiking way up when a coyote came up to me. He didn't come up for awhile but as I sat on the ground and talked to him he eventually came up close enough to my hand for me to pet him. It was as if time stood still.

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