Monday, August 9, 2021

Monday fun

 Last thing you made?

Favorite savory treat?

Last thing you bought?

Favorite school memory?

Favorite exercise?


  1. Last thing you made? Dinner

    Favorite savory treat? Popcorn with lots of butter

    Last thing you bought? Groceries

    Favorite school memory? Graduation

    Favorite exercise? Walking

    Have a fabulous day and week, Regine. ♥

  2. Last thing I made-a pair of socks
    Fav savory treat-a piece of dk choc with whipped cream
    Last thing I bought-some new pins
    Fav school memory-hanging out in lunch with friends
    Fav exercise-cleaning house!

  3. I made a delicious kale salad dressing, savory...cheese, bought a new eyebrow tweezer, school memory...that's a tough one, I love doing Lucy Wyndham Read's 7 minute exercises on youtube

  4. For Sale By Owner Open House signs
    Pepper and salt cashews
    Elementary: Going to concerts during the school day (part of our local symphony's educational program)
    Jr. High: Hanging out with friends (seriously self absorbed and insecure then)
    High School: Being selected to sing in a 16 member ensemble
    College; Probably the night I met my future husband.

  5. A tag, cheese, eggs, time to learn, walking. Hugs, Valerie k

  6. Just made homemade gooey brownies and a gluten free cheesecake for my son-in-law's birthday dinner tonight

  7. Pressie - Pizza - Pressie! - great teacher - dance

  8. We just started aerial classes, and it's been quite the fun!! And quite the workout,

  9. Acabei de entrar, dia prazeroso replantei e adubei as flores!
    E na minha companhia um bom café agora.


  10. Last thing I made - i guess it would be toast.
    Favorite treat - ...Cottage sausage and pepperoni pizza - they made the best. It's up the mountain a ways from us so we don't get it that often.
    Last thing I bought - Some autumn wood plaques and went and snuck over to the fence separating my neighbor's house and mine and hung them on her side where her garden is. That was fun.
    School Memory - running in the halls when I was a young girl in Catholic School - making the nuns upset. that was fun.
    Walking and hiking - favorite exericse.

  11. Waste disposal,
    grilled swordfish,
    veggies and fruits,
    my first exam at Naples University,

    Have a nice week,


  12. roast beef wraps
    sock hops

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  14. Last thing you made? Strawberry cake
    Favorite savory treat? Chocolate bar
    Last thing you bought? Toothpaste
    Favorite school memory? Playing basketball with my friends.
    Favorite exercise? Jogging

  15. A bracelet
    Roasted seaweed
    Fruits and vegetables
    Lunch time with friends
    Riding my exercise bike
    These are so fun! Happy new week Regine <3

  16. Spice cake for my hubby's birthday, Skinny Pop popcorn cakes, floral oracle cards for a friend, playing with the band and orchestra, love turbo kick and bikram yoga

  17. Pumpkin Waffles:)
    Ice Cream.
    Too long ago:)

  18. The last thing I made was a bow for a gift basket; my favorite savory treat is sushi. The last thing I bought was a bag of shrimp; My favorite school memory was doing school plays; and my fave exercise is swimming.

    And thank you SO much for the very kind comment you shared on my blog today.

  19. Garlic pork and rice
    Crispy biscuit and cheese
    Crafting goodies
    Walking, swimming

  20. You can imagine the last thing I made was a card :)
    Savory? Are nuts savory?
    Postage stamps were the last thing I bought
    school memory from when I was young was recess :)
    Love to walk

  21. Buena semana, te mando un beso . Jugar, Comí una galleta, compre empanadas, me gusta caminar. Genial entrada.

  22. -Partner's dinner - chicken stirfry!

    -Greggs Vegan Sausage Rolls

    -2022 Page a Day Cat Calendar

    -Being good a badminton!


  23. Last thing you made? Lunch
    Favorite Savory Treat: Chex Mix
    Last thing you bought? Groceries
    Favorite School Memory? Friends, many still lifelong
    Favorite Exercise? walking
    Loved doing this! Thank you. :-)

  24. *garden bed
    *macadamia nuts
    *two pink lawn chairs
    *when I won second place in the school's "Best Halloween Costume." : )

    Fun, fun, my friend.

  25. made a mixed media canvas, savory treat must be Chicken crisps, last thing I bought was some stamps, school visit to France, walking with the dogs x

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