Thursday, August 12, 2021

Yesterday and today

The memory of yesterday 

Propels me forward 

To see

The beauty 

Of today

Share with me any favorite memories. 


  1. My favorite memories are of going to the Above Rubies Family camps with my husband and daughters. Those were such fun times of Christian fellowship with other families and listening to the teachings of Colin and Nancy Campbell.

  2. Lazy summer days when my girls were younger..going to the library, turning on the sprinkler, side walk chalk, making s'mores, sleepovers...

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  4. Perspective is so important, isn't it?

  5. There's a lot of truth there!

  6. Good memories keep us alive and push us forward. Without memories (belonging to the past), there's no present, and no future.

  7. What Keith said.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  8. Oh so true!! Beautifully said.

  9. New days are always full of potential for so many things. Hope the week is going well! hugs-Erika

  10. Dearest Regine,
    So many favorite memories to look back onto together!
    That is the biggest blessing, still being together for sharing them.
    A very good reason for me to write them; timely - before it will be too late...

  11. I will meditate on these Mom's in the hospital and I am far away from her.

  12. Aww beautiful!
    So many favorite memories...I would love to relive again.

  13. When I use to be able to walk with no problems, the things we take for granted!

  14. Bello poema hay que vivir en el presente. Te mando un beso

  15. Wonderful words Regine
    Stay safe

  16. Lovely! Of course, I have fond memories of certain friends when we were young and adventurous. Playing on backroads, eating ice cream, going to the park, walks at night, watching hometown baseball games from a distance at the high school. Even the crickets were music to our ears back then. It didn't take much to entertain us. We enjoyed being together on our walks.

  17. Very nice. Today is a new day, right?


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  19. That's really beautiful. I'm at the lake and just being here reminds me of a thousand wonderful times with mu cousins up here -- water skiing, swimming, playing games, just having fun!

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