Monday, August 30, 2021


 Coming to you today from a place I know well. What’s this place called?  Doubt. Faith and doubt don’t mix. Like oil and water. Or do they?  Writing is like weeding a garden. Trying to protect the good, while getting rid of the unwanted pests. In my garden between the sweet, red tomatoes are the weeds that try to overwhelm the fruit. I’m always still amazed tomatoes are a fruit. As I’ve gotten down on my knees plucking the unwanted to preserve the desired, I’m reminded of how parents do the same. My will has run wild much to my own detriment. I hate to admit when they’re right. I don’t like to say that I’m still young enough to not know everything. With each and everyday I only learn when I put my selfishness aside in the admission that with acknowledgement that as long as I breathe, I am being molded into the best creation I can be. 


  1. Young or old, less young or less old, we never know everything. Each day must be seen as one more lesson, one more learning. Fruits, tomatoes, weeds are part of our learning.
    Be glad

  2. Try not to doubt yourself. Just hang on. The writing might take you to a whole new world! Studying the perspective is the hard part. Just don't overthink. Keep going!

  3. Writing, for me, helps put all my doubts and faith in perspective. Keep on writing, Regine!

  4. Nunca sabemos tudo e ainda bem. A vida é que nos ensina a distinguir o trigo do joio...
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  5. Whatever age we are, there is still much more we can learn about ourselves. I love the garden analogy...weeding of the mind is similar to weeding the garden...I can wholly relate to that idea!
    Really inspiring post, thank you so much.😊😊

    Hugs xxx

  6. Every day is a learning experience. That means we're alive and productive. It's a good thing.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Regine. ♥

  7. Doubt is not good. I get it a lot too :-( Hugs xx

  8. I'm afraid it's been too hot for me to weed but from a distance my garden looks great all green, the closer you get though you see the green are the weeds. Great words

  9. As in a garden there is always work to be done, such is life isn't it, we always have room for improvement, something that needs tending too :)

  10. We can be our best selves only at the point of death, for it is then that we have had all the time we've been given to grow and learn, adapt and change, to pick the weeds and nurture the fruit. Thank you for your insight.

  11. Such thoughtful words. I had to smile about the weeds after all they are only plants in the wrong place. Maybe if they were moved to somewhere else, given a different place they might thrive and be loved. Have a lovely day xXx

  12. Keep writing it's good to the soul!

  13. Doubt - and self criticism - are often present in my life too.

  14. Beautiful words, I hate when doubt creeps up on me. Take care my friend and have a great week ahead.
    Tammy x

  15. I read your wise words right after my 7 year old wanted proof that I was right and he was wrong. It is hard for them, especially when they are young.

  16. Doubt comes for all of us. We just need more resolve when it does. Hope this new week will be an inspiring and good one for you Regine <3

  17. Boa tarde. Não dependemos da idade para aprender cada vez mais. Toda as oportunidades são maravilhosas para aprendermos cada vez mais.

  18. Well, some don't admit that they're still young enough to not know everything, but you just did. That's special in itself. And hopefully, we don't stop learning til we leave this earth. : )

    Have a blessed week Regine.


  19. Always the Lord is weeding and molding us to conform to His likeness - not always a 'nice' process, I admit.
    Stay safe

  20. Keep on writing. I think it helps. Doubts always pop up, but hang on to that faith.

  21. doubt and faith, shadows and light, we are such a mixture in this human body. Hope your week goes great and smooth and filled with light.

  22. Yes we are all always learning until the day we die really.And I know I still think of tomatoes as a veggie lol.

    Allie of

  23. I'm familar with the word doubt...Love your writing...

  24. It does seem that sometimes the weeds are hiding, trying to choke out the good fruit and surprise us along the way. Good for you in recognizing it and using it as a tool to mold you to His will.
    Blessings and hugs,

  25. Dearest Regine,
    Your short stories from the heart are very well done!
    As for tomatoes, they are legally a vegetable. I've picked tons of them and know what they are...
    Yes, dealing with weeds is an endless battle!

  26. Don’t doubt yourself, even if it might be difficult. Be merciful to yourself. Best regards.

  27. I agree on the importance of writing! I also like the comparison with the garden.

  28. oung or old, less young or less old, we never know everything. Each day must be seen as one more lesson, one more learning. Fruits, tomatoes, weeds are part of our learning.
    Be glad

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