Monday, August 16, 2021


 Last thing you bought

Last thing you read

Last thing that made you smile?

Last thing that broke your heart?

What are you cooking tonight?


  1. Last thing you bought : walking shoes

    Last thing you read : The lost tomb

    Last thing that made you smile? Helping someone swing at the playground.

    Last thing that broke your heart? Meeting a 5 year old girl who's father stayed in the car while she played all by herself on the playground. When he couldn't find her, he only drove around the park looking for her. Not once did he get out of the car. She told me she had to stay with him on weekends. When she was thirsty she went back to the car and her gave her old sprite in a throw away cup from a fast food place.

    What are you cooking tonight? Probably warming up leftovers tonight.

  2. Take out dinner last night
    The Ophelia Girls
    Talking with TheHub while we ate the take out dinner
    My son, daughter in law and granddaughter canceling their trip here because of the covid outbreak.
    Cooking a veggie dinner

  3. Sorrio toso os dias à vida. Em agradecimento.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  4. last bought fish at Costco, last read todays paper, my great niece's latest video made me smile, poor Haiti broke my heart such an unfortunate country

  5. Last thing you bought? Groceries

    Last thing you read? This post

    Last thing that made you smile? My husband

    Last thing that broke your heart? My son

    What are you cooking tonight? Pizza

    Have a fabulous day and week, Regine. ♥

  6. Coffee
    The First Wife's Secret
    My daughter this morning
    Sheet Pan Sausage and veggies

  7. pjs
    Mindful Eating
    My doggie Princess Pippa
    wow I can't remember that far back LOL

  8. Last thing you bought. Two platters off of FB Marketplace yesterday.

    Last thing you read. Blogs this morning. I'm reading "The Witch of Primrose Hill" by CJ Wright now. It's free on Kindle and pretty good.

    Last thing that made you smile? My husband.

    Last thing that broke your heart? Leaving my kids behind in London last week.

    What are you cooking tonight? Scrambled egg wraps by Hubby's request.

  9. Beauty products.
    A book called "Perfectly Inappropriate"
    My boyfriend ♥
    It's hard to get a good job :/
    My dad will probably order pizza.

  10. Last thing I bought were birthday gifts for my sweet niece. I'm sad that I'm back in a reading rut because I tore through my last few books, so this inspired me to pick up a new one <3

    Green Fashionista

  11. A bag
    Le Affinità Elettive
    My son
    My daughter
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  12. Last thing you bought: some vitamins :)
    Last thing you read: the newspaper
    Last thing that made you smile? When I learned my son and daughter-in-law are coming over for his birthday this week.
    Last thing that broke your heart? My sister’s passing.
    What are you cooking tonight? A new recipe, Vegan Crispy Korean Barbecue.

  13. I last bought some juice. I am not cooking tonight.

  14. Seeds
    Suzanne Evans, The taste of Longing
    My friends illness

  15. Cookies
    A friend’s short story
    My baby nephew
    Watching the desperation of the citizens of Afghanistan

  16. The last thing that made me smile was our cat eating his early morning tablet.

  17. groceries
    an online story
    an old photo
    too many to mention

  18. Hello!!
    A notebook
    A blog entry
    A facebook post
    It's complicated
    I have no idea jajaja
    Excellent post.


  19. Last thing you bought -- smart light bulbs

    Last thing you read -- Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

    Last thing that made you smile? Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

    Last thing that broke your heart? Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

    What are you cooking tonight? warming up some of the chicken and rice and peas I made last night


  20. Craft stuff obviously!
    Craft magazine obviously!
    New craft stuff arrival!
    Favourite paint dried up!
    Anything that's quick so that I can get back to my crafting Lol!
    Hee! Hee!

  21. We are going to the store in half an hour, so I bet I bought a ton of fruits and veggies!!

  22. -Pumpkin Igloo for the cats

    -Comments above me!

    -My cat getting the all clear

    -So many sad things have happened in my life :-(

    -Made his dinner, chicken and sauce

  23. A pair of jeans
    Murder in the Monastery by Victor Moubarak, a blogger friend!!
    A hug from my husband just a bit ago.
    My daughter
    No cooking - we had hot ham and cheese sandwiches

  24. lathe tool
    CS Lewis' That Hideous Strength
    Talking to my daughter
    My Mom in the hospital

  25. clothes,
    a book about love in modern times,
    a video about cats,
    the news about the middle east,
    I don't cook :(

  26. The last thing I bought was stamps; I just finished Elly Griffith's "The Dark Angel," The last thing that made you smile was getting a phone call from Rick tonight; the last thing that broke my heart was when Gypsy died and tonight I didn't cook. We had leftover pasta from last night!
    What are you cooking tonight?

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  28. Last thing I bought was groceries - I resisted the craft supplies
    Last thing I read - blogs and news reports
    Last thing to make me smile - seeing my friend this morning
    Last thing to break my heart - my friends husband's death
    Last thing I cooked - I got lazy and had toast and cheese for tea, after heating a frozen meal for dinner at midday
    Stay safe

  29. Last thing that broke my heart.....

    *my nephew died a couple nights ago. Please say a prayer
    for him, dear friend. We were close in age. So sad right now.

  30. I last bought some craft supplies
    last read a mystery novel
    happiness was watching my dog the other day
    sadness is that the chipmunk got into my garden and ate so many things I'd been growing all summer
    dinner tonight was some chopped fresh veggies and pasta.

  31. I bought groceries and new shoes foir my husband
    Still reading will the CIrcle be Unbroken by Sean Dietrich
    Babies always make me smile
    My big sis, who I lost in 2001 would have cleebrated 65 years of marriage. I was a tiny toddler when she married.
    We are BBQing steaks and burgers and hotdogs tonight. Our youngest son turns 28 Friday. :-)


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