Sunday, August 22, 2021

Get to know

 Last thing I read- Tatler magazine travel article

Last thing I ordered- Gloves

Last thing I ate- Pancakes

Last thing I drank- coffee

Last blog I visited- Maxine’s. 

Your turn. Go!


  1. What an unusual post but it is fun. Here's mine. Last thing I ate - Buttered rice and spicy curried prawns, Last chore I did - weeded the garden, Last TV programme I saw - Black Crows 😂 🤣

  2. What a fun way to get to know more about each other.

    Last thing I read- Blog Posts

    Last thing I ordered- a book

    Last thing I ate- cereal

    Last thing I drank- coffee

    Last blog I visited- Sandy's Book a Day

  3. Last thing I did ... type this.

    God bless.

  4. Last thing I read- a post I plan to post.

    Last thing I ordered- bucket hat

    Last thing I ate- sausage stick

    Last thing I drank- coffee

    Last blog I visited-

  5. Newspaper, milk foamer, cherry yogurt, coffee, dusted the furniture, visited your blog! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Dear friend! Last thing i read your post and Ellie's post. Happy Sunday.

  7. I just read your post too, ordered kitty probiotics, ate a turkey and tomato sandwich, drank some water and visited your blog.

  8. Interessante Fakten, kurz und knapp. LG Romy

  9. Directions for adjustments to my sewing machine
    new toaster

  10. Read the newspaper
    ate sushi
    drank mmilk
    just read your blog

  11. Fun game. I enjoyed reading the answers.

  12. Last thing I read- Dark Tarot book.

    Last thing I ordered- Lip gloss.

    Last thing I ate- Chicken sandwich.

    Last thing I drank- Hot tea.

    Last blog I visited- The Blue grumpster.

  13. Reading-Cassa Dark
    Last thing I ordered - Carpet cleaner
    Lath thing I ate - A cookie;)
    Last thing I drank - Iced tea
    Last blog I visited - Hilary's Positive Letters.


  14. Last thing I read - Rsrue Blog
    Last thing I ordered- Clothes
    Last thing I ate- Brea
    Last thing I drank- Tea
    Last blog I visited- Rsrue.

    The Style Fanatic

  15. Last thing I read-Bible
    last thing I ordered-yarn
    Last thing I ate-salad
    last think I drank-water
    Last blog I visited--your's!

  16. -Your post

    -Fancy Shower Gel


    -Green Tea (currently drinking haha)

    -"Coffee and Nail Polish" on Wordpress

  17. Dearest Regine,
    Yep, last thing I read was this blogpost.
    Last thing I ordered was a new tire for Pieter's bike.
    Last thing I ate, small beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes and thin sliced cucumber in vinegar.
    Last thing I drank (part of it) water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.
    Last blog I visited: this one...

  18. last thing I read: some blogs
    last thing I ordered: some yazu juice to make a cake
    last thing I ate: a couple of oreo cookies
    last drink: diet coke
    last blog I visited : yours

  19. Vamos lá:
    Ultima coisa que li blogs de amigos
    Ultima coisa que pedi foi pão de queijo que está assando.
    Ultima coisa que comi um misto quente só com queijo.
    Ultima bebida foi um copo de agua de côco.
    Ultimo blog que visitei foi Cantinho da Janita e agora aqui.

    Feliz semana com leveza.
    Bjo de paz.

  20. Read - blog post
    Ordered - wow, too long ago can't remember
    ate - Carrot cake oreo cookie
    drank - water
    blog - Elizabeth craft designs

  21. craft magazine
    Ordered....cook my own...
    Ate.... cereals

  22. Last read - your blog
    ordered - breakfast
    Ate - curry noodle
    Drank - coffee
    Blog - your blog
    Take care and stay safe

  23. Last thing I read- My Bible
    Last thing I ordered- Spark Plugs for the lawnmower!

    Last thing I ate- Chocolate Donut

    Last thing I drank- coffee

    Last blog I visited- Yours!


  24. Last thing I read- a women's magazine
    Last thing I ordered- a book
    Last thing I ate- bread with cheese
    Last thing I drank- coffee
    Last blog I visited- yours :-)

  25. last thing I read - covid news, we are in lockdown
    Last thing I ordered - fruit, as my daughter was doing my shopping for me
    Last thing I ate - a small chocolate bar I was given
    Last thing I drank - herbal tea
    Last blog I visited - Claire's.

  26. So fun, darling!
    Last thing I read- The New York Times Sunday Styles section

    Last thing I ordered- Nylora jacket from FWRD

    Last thing I ate- Cereal

    Last thing I drank- iced coffee

    Last blog I visited- before yours? Marianela's:


  27. This post :)
    Sound machine
    ice cream

  28. Deixo-lhe os desejos de uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  29. last thing I read - blog list
    Last thing I ordered - watercolor book, Rae Andrews
    Last thing I ate - graham cracker
    Last thing I drank - juice
    Last blog I visited - Debbie Nolan

  30. last thing I read... The God of Jane.
    Last thing I ordered. bird seed a big 40 lb bag
    had a perfectly just ripe as i like them which means hardly ripe banana for breakfast.
    Nutritional Drink for breakfast
    My own blog.

  31. Last thing I read- your blog post

    Last thing I ordered- A new book

    Last thing I ate- chicken dinner

    Last thing I drank- cup of tea

    Last blog I visited- this one!

    All the best Jan

  32. I love Tatler!

    Last thing I read- my mail. (Sad but true!); Last thing I ordered- a book; Last thing I ate- half a no-bake cookie!; Last thing I drank- half a Diet Coke caffeine free; Last blog I visited- Jan's Low Carb Diabetic

  33. *haven't read a good book in awhile
    *ordered a pizza haha
    *meatloaf and potatoes
    *cinnamon spice tea
    *Delights of the Heart


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