Sunday, February 13, 2022


 What snacks are you making?

Who are you rooting for?

Favorite sports movie?

Favorite sports book?

Who is your team?


  1. Not a fan of any sports myself! Once the Super Bowl commercials were so highly discussed that I only watched the half-time. You?

    best... mae at

  2. Not a sports fan at my house. Don't even know what teams are playing.

  3. Making some dip and cutting up some veggies
    Rooting for the Rams
    Bull Durham
    "Pork" (A humorous, very old book about a golfer)
    I don't have a favorite pro team, college team Alabama

  4. I'm still in the Clinic so no snacks and no football!

  5. a. Whatever wanders past my mouth...
    B. Rams, just for Stafford
    c. Not a big fan, enjoyed Bang The Drum Slowly and The Winning Team
    d.Whitey and Mickey
    e. In Football, Dolphins

  6. Neither team is "my" team but I am rooting for the Bengals. Not sure I have a team right now! Favorite sports movie by far, Field of Dreams - I've even visited the site where it was filmed in Dyersville, Iowa. Husband is making various snacks - guacamole, air fryer wings with peanut sauce. Store bought pizza and cheese dip, chips, cut up cheeses. Alana

  7. I really don't watch the games, but I like the commercials. We are having ribs!

  8. My team is Team USA because I'm watching the Olympics, not the Super Bowl. ;D

  9. We are non-sports here too, they're overpaid and ungrateful.

  10. We are not sports watchers here and I don't even know who is playing! I did make buffalo chicken dip though.

  11. I'm a Patriots fan and of course, they aren't in the Superbowl. I'm watching the game because a good football is always fun to see. No snacks though. Happy new week.

  12. No pro football here. College team, Texas Longhorns. Went out to Italian dinner. Bagger Vance for movie. Can’t think of a book.
    It was a good day.

  13. I'm not a fan oof sports and thank goodness my husband isn't either haha

  14. Being in Southern California we were rooting for the Rams. I can't think of a sports movie offhand, but I love any hockey romance. We mixed together queso and Chile for a Superbowl snack and it was delicious. Just very informal since we just got home from Northern California and it was just the two of us. :)

  15. What snacks are you making? None!
    Who are you rooting for? No one! I don't do football!
    Favorite sports movie? Field of Dreams
    Favorite sports book? - Wait Till Next Year (Doris Kearns Goodwin)
    Who is your team? I have no favorites and am never disappointed. At least in football. Now, baseball is entirely different!

  16. My son watched the football game, but I didn't see it. I don't usually watch football on tv, but I never missed a game when my son played all through junior high and high school.

    Happy Valentine's Day, dear friend.


  17. I didn't root for any of the teams just ate all the food. But was happy when the team my kids were rooting for won.

  18. What snacks are you making? I'm bad, just potato chips and crackers and cheese.
    Who are you rooting for? I don't really do football but hubs always asks me who am I rooting for. I told him the Cincinatti Bengals but they lost :( close though and it was a good game.
    Favorite sports movie? I remember watching Field of Dreams.
    Favorite sports book? I don’t have one
    Who is your team? I don’t really have a favorite team.

    Thanks for these Rue, I do enjoy them and reading all the answers you and others give :)

  19. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day = I don't follow any sports....
    Stay safe

  20. We followed Joe Burrow and his character and kindness amazes us. Although his team did not win, he is one in a million in the NFL. His concern for hunger in his own community touched me tremendously. We don't love the NFL as we once did. But we love most of the commercials from the Super Bowl.