Thursday, February 24, 2022


 What is making you smile?

Who is making you smile?

What are you making?

Last book you read?

Prayer requests?


  1. I need a reason to smile this morning watching freezing rain, oh yes Spring is coming :)

  2. Blue skies even if there's a bit of snow on the ground!

  3. You and your blog are making me smile. And say a prayer for little 'ole me, would you? Thank you, dear friend.


  4. What is making you smile? The sunny blue sky.

    Who is making you smile? Hubby.

    What are you making? Stir-fry for dinner.

    Last book you read? One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner.

    Prayer requests? For all those that need prayers.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  5. Prayers for Ucraine!

  6. Smiling at the sunshine. Hannah my youngest made me smile. I told her I was making stuffed bell peppers for dinner. She said me too! Ah ha that is my girl! An old book Honey for Tea by Elizabeth Caddell. Prayers for Ukraine and Rebekah and Zach our middle. They are headed to Michigan this evening for his twin sister's little boy Jackson's Christening. Unsure of their weather there but ere we fell into a deep freeze. Have a blessed day !

  7. Hello,
    Thinking about smiling is contagious.
    I am reading your blog now, while making dinner.
    I am reading the 1st Brunetti mystery, by Donna Leon
    Take care, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.
    I am praying for the people of Ukraine.
    Take care, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead.

  8. What is making you smile? My boys

    Who is making you smile? My boys

    What are you making? Chicken, soon, for dinner

    Last book you read? Bible

    Prayer requests? Ukraine

  9. I'm glued to news. So sad about Ukraine. Praying for peace.

  10. Blue skies made me smile today ...

    All the best Jan

  11. ahh i'm smiling because snow has stopped and i'm getting outta here. have a great day!

  12. Making me smile...what: a pretty day, taking a walk
    Who: My sweet Cairn Terrier Making: a card and breakfast for supper tonight Last book I read: Daughter of Sherlock Holmes " A study in Treason" Prayer Request: Medical workers the last couple of years has taken a toll on them!

  13. I only been reading the bible my request prayer for peace my heart goes out to Ukraine. Thanks for the kind birthday wish have a bless weekend.

  14. Having 3 hours of art time made me smile and I'm making journal pages. And I'm reading a Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters. It's making me smile too. Happy Friday to you. hugs-Erika

  15. your prompts are making me smile tonight! i hope you're doing well ...

  16. Reading your posts are making me smile. :)

  17. having tim to be online is making me smile, and visiting you always gives me joy, Regine.
    I finally finished the Banks of the Boyne, and I am currently making a canvas work bookmark.
    May i please ask for prayer for my friend Chris who has had surgery this week - I am staying with her until she can use both hands... at the moment she can only use one.
    Stay safe

  18. Smile: the bird in my window
    Who: my husband
    Making: crochet heart
    Book: still on going
    Prayer: Ukraine... peace please!

  19. What is making you smile? It's Friday!
    Who is making you smile? Lizzie, the cat!
    What are you making? Not much! Maybe salmon later.
    Last book you read? The Consequences of Fear
    Prayer requests? For my friend Diane, entering three months of Covid hospitalization.

  20. I always smile. Few years ago my Boss told me: You are always happy and smile. It's annoying to me....
    And then I laugh. I spoil her day 😁

  21. There aren't many things to smile at these days.

  22. Not much to smile about this week. I did make it to an appointment and back yesterday without any incident.

  23. Not much to smile about at the moment, but I guess we must be open to it. Tears and smiles are both part of our lives. Time for smiles will come again.

  24. What is making you smile? Spending time with someone who is rather hyper. Especially, after school. His smile is infectious.

    Who is making you smile? Somebody I babysit

    What are you making? coffee

    Last book you read? This Story is a Lie

    Prayer requests? Pray for Ukraine πŸ’›πŸ’™