Wednesday, February 16, 2022


 Last book you read?

Last sweet treat you ate?

Last thing you bought?

What made you smile?

Last prayer request you made?


  1. Last book: la estrategia del agua
    Last sweet: chocolate
    Last thing bought: yarn!
    What made me smile: baby Adrian
    Last prayer request: let me enjoy each day, sun or rain

  2. Last book you read? Autopsy by Patricia Cornwell

    Last sweet treat you ate? Chocolate cake a year ago

    Last thing you bought? Boat cleaner

    What made you smile? Hubby

    Last prayer request you made? Traveling to our boat and asked for a safe trip.

    Have a fabulous day, Regine. ♥

  3. I definitely am searching for something good to talk about. Life has been a bit rough lately.

  4. "A Carnival of Snackery" David Sedaris
    Oatmeal cookie
    Picture of a sweet girl celebrating her birthday Morning Facebook
    Petition to be a better me

  5. Just finished reading Under Pressure. Just ate a white chocolate and strawberry Lindor truffle. Haven't bought anything fun lately, just things like groceries, etc. Prayed for snow, and we got some today, which made me smile. :)

  6. Last book you read? Nick Offerman's Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

    Last sweet treat you ate? Strawberry Cake

    Last thing you bought? Strawberry cake at the Omaha Bakery

    What made you smile? Strawberru cake (I had a blood test earlier so I bought myself cake).

    Last prayer request you made? For a co-worker.

  7. Last book you read? Jane by the Book

    Last sweet treat you ate? Um...a cookie a week or so ago...

    Last thing you bought? Chick-fil-A

    What made you smile? Good news

    Last prayer request you made? for my husband's health, he is sick

  8. Nice post! You are talented and make me think.

  9. Livro - Alquimista - Paulo Coelho!
    Sorriso de uma criança
    Credo! Oração
    💘💙💚 Megy Maia

  10. Last book you read? - Written in my Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon

    Last sweet treat you ate? chocolate covered strawberry

    Last thing you bought? cat comb for the kitties

    What made you smile? a baby dancing video a friend posted

    Last prayer request you made? that the Eldest would get home safely during bad weather

  11. ABC Et Cetera - The Life and Times of the Roman Alphabet by Alexander and Nicholas Humez
    "Gata" (Armenian cookies)
    Lemons from the garden, which I shared with neighbors
    For good health

  12. I'm reading an old mystery and I had some yummy chocolate cake for Valentine's day. I bought soap (not exciting) and the dogs make me smile many times during the day. How about you. hugs-Erika

  13. Book: Texas Homecoming by Carolyn Brown
    Treat: Chocolate Fudge
    Bought: A vase from Target
    Smile: My daughter's comment about her son
    Prayer request: Please forgive me my sins

    Hope you're doing well, Regine! :)

  14. Reading - still in the same book as i have not had much time to read
    Eating - dinner of fritters and slaw
    Purchased - some supplements
    Smile - my grandchildren
    Prayer - for discernment
    Stay safe

  15. Last book you read? - The Benefit of Hindsight by Susan Hill
    Last sweet treat you ate? Half a shortbread cookie
    Last thing you bought? Deicer for the driveway and this weekend's ice/snow and chocolate for Rick
    What made you smile? Lizzie's purr
    Last prayer request you made? For my friend Diane, in the hospital with Covid

  16. 1 The Death of Achilles /Boris Akunin/
    2 Chocolate cake
    3 Shoes
    4 My children
    5 I don't do this

  17. Last book Miranda James cat mystery.
    Slice of home made chocolate cake.
    Cat toy, not liked by cat!
    Precious made me smile when she turned up her nose
    at the cat toy.
    Prayed for a safe trip to the next city away yesterday
    and all went well.

  18. I'm currently reading The House in the Cerulean Sea eating ice cream from the batch of groceries we just got home from buying. I was smiling hugely when my son earned his black belt last night!

  19. ast book you read? "The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder"

    Last sweet treat you ate? A chocolate wafer bar.

    Last thing you bought? A latte for Hubby.

    What made you smile? Watching the puppies play together until they fell asleep in a tangle of legs.

    Last prayer request you made? Tonight at Bible Studay for Hubby's Mom. Her blood sugar has been very high recently and she's in stage 4 kidney failure.


  20. I am reading n old book about Thurman Munson who was the catcher for the NY Yankees before his tragic plane crash that took his life. Next to my own dad, who played semi pro ball when he was a young man, I admired Munson .We had Valentine candy from our oldest son and his wife. Truffles, yum. They are decadent. But we were at our 4 year old grandsons birthday and they had a pizza party.Our grand kids always make me smile. We bought a Fisher Price Pirate ship for grandson's birthday, and puzzles too. I pray for Brooklyn. She is a young lady in hospice care and getting ready to meet Jesus face to face. Her story is is so courageous. I pray for anyone who asks, anyone who needs it and I spend lots of time in pray. My late mom always said life is hard, pray harder so I do. Thank you for asking us these questions.

  21. Last book you read? The Stranger (L'amante) by Margeurite Dumas. It's a very sad novel.

    Last sweet treat you ate? Bajadera.

    Last thing you bought? Cheese and yogurt for spinach lasagna I made for dinner.

    What made you smile? Finding out that a widow friend of us has finally found a good job.

    Last prayer request you made? I prayed for my friend's mother who is ill.

  22. What made you smile? A good joke! :)

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