Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday musing

 Some recent things

I’m missing my niece and nephew. They bring joy. 

I have so many clothes in my closet, but wear the same pieces every day. 

I love gummy bears. Thankfully I found a healthier version

I read so many books that I need new suggestions

I forgot how good cheese grits were

Sometimes you must create your own joy

Tell me your wins and joy


  1. Yes to creating joy! Art journaling always brings me joy and going out with my sister tonight. Happy Friday Regine!

  2. This is exactly why I look for and document my daily joys.

  3. I'm the same with my clothes. I'm trying to edit my wardrobe. I've been loving our morning coffee!

  4. I love cheese grits too! Have you ever read a series by Leslie Meier? Lucy Stone Mystery series. I read them years ago, and started reading them again.

  5. I often wear the same clothes day after day as well> I call them my "house clothes", which I only wear while at home as they are so worn and comfy that they are not fit to be seen anywhere else. My joys are connecting with dear friends here in Blogland...I look forward to our daily "conversations" and miss you all when I have to skip a day or two because of pressing "engagements" outside of the home. This is where my heart is.

  6. A book suggestion:

    Same Kind of Different As Me

  7. I always end up wearing the same pieces as well. It's a comfort thing. If you haven't read The Comfort Book or Midnight Library by Matt Haig, I highly recommend both.

  8. I love the one about creating your own joy. It is so true.

  9. Yep ~ need to create our own life ~ and I too seem to wear the same clothes ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Joy is there for the taking, take it and add your ingredients. I tend to where the same clothes too. :)

  11. I'm the same way with the clothes. And I adore cheese grits!

  12. Might be time for a closet clean out, LOL! I need to clean out my winter clothes but I think I might wear more of them if I lost I wait, sigh. What types of books do you like to read?!

  13. I am trying so hard this year to wear more variety from my closet (without buying too much!) because I too have lots of clothes and tend to wear the same old favorites over and over again.

  14. I also wear the same clothes again and again. I find my joy in reading and in nature - which includes skyscapes.

  15. ...well,I can tell you that cheese grits aren't a joy for me.

  16. Dearest Regine,
    Well, I'm grateful to Pieter for adding two more holes to my belt (his old one so I could use it for my jeans that have a low rise) so it no longer falls off my hips!
    Trying to wear different things as to enjoy them one more time and God willing—another year.
    Each day is a gift so trying to do the very BEST!
    Happy this morning with my newfound vegan cheese as I am not allowed to eat cheese—one of many things that my kidneys no longer can handle.
    Oh, and I slept some 12 hours—like a ROSE.
    What a feeling that is and also for seeing sunshine.

  17. You must create your own joy! Love this, darling!

    Same re: clothes lol

    Happy weekend! You are loved, too!


  18. I do so love to read, Regine! If you like mysteries at all, you might want to check out the author Lisa Gardner. She's wonderful!

  19. I too love cheese grits and it's wonderful to have family that you miss as you do your niece and for clothes, almost every woman I know says the same thing...I love comfy and stylish...but comfy first! as for wins--just realizing that I am blessed in countless ways! So glad to have you as an online friend!

  20. I've been addicted to Kiego Higashino mysteries lately. I love to read also. Isn't it great to be able to escape (when you really can't get someplace different) in a book? Happy weekend. hugs-Erika

  21. I don't have a large wardrobe, so it's pretty much a very narrow range that I dress in...
    I am thankful that I bought a good fan last summer, that cools my room as well as moving the air.. it's over 30 oC (86.5 oF )today, with high humidity...

  22. New suggestions? FREE downloads

    God bless.

  23. It's always nice to read a little of what you like, my friend. I tend to wear the same clothes as well. I've never tried cheese grits, and would love to one day.


  24. I think learning to create your own joy is one of the secrets of life. Not always easy though.