Thursday, February 9, 2023


 How are you my friends?

‘What is on your heart?

Any prayer requests?


  1. Hello, just a prayer for me and family.
    Thank you, dear one, and have a good rest of the week.


  2. Prayers for a healthy surgery in a week.

  3. That my friend Bettye recovers fully from her stroke!
    Thank You.

  4. Dearest Regine,
    Yes, would love to have some nasty problems solved that cause way too much stress.
    Our professional book was disabled by the publisher and it has been a struggle for logging in and getting it right again. WHY and WHO in his/her crazy mind did take it off so all worldwide bookstores showed now that it was not available...
    AND my new Hyatt Visa card is since mid November NOT accumulating any points for me. They are being transferred to the WRONG account—not mine. Talk about stress and lengthy phone calls etc. etc.
    WHY do people make such errors?! And then don't know how to rectify them.
    We both need a calm life—not stress on top of our severe health issues.

  5. All is well with me, but if you could send some prayers for those struggling with this economy right now, that would be lovely. I know several people in my circle who haven't been called back to work since Christmas and many in my area aren't faring well right now.

  6. Life here is going well, but there is a tropical cyclone due to hit the northern part of New Zealand this weekend... hopefully we will be on the edge of it, but our biggest city appears to be pretty much in the firing line, after a flooding event only weeks ago - another city further south and on the coast where my son and family live could be hit also... any prayer would be appreciated

  7. Fragile at the moment. Too many worries about, and for all in my family, and me We are all having major stress about all sorts of different things. A general prayer for all of us would be appreciated

  8. Very very busy.... Turkey on my heart...

  9. It's Friday and the sun is out, the sky is blue ,and all is well. Have a great weekend! :D

  10. A prayer for Turkey and Syria, and all those affected by bad weather or adverse conditions in other countries.

    All the best Jan