Friday, October 21, 2022


 What are your wins for the week?

What are you making?

What is making you smile?

A random fact about you?


  1. I am a worrier it really colours my world I wish I could just relax about things.

  2. A happy week with hubby.

    I'm not making anything this week.

    Hubby makes me smile.

    I don't wear any makeup.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. My wins? I survived. It was a hard week....

  4. Estou a pensar: Que bom seria que a guerra na Ucrânia e entre outros povos, acabasse já agora.
    Feliz fim de semana.
    Pensamentos e Devaneios Poéticos

  5. That was the sweetest comment I woke up to this morning. To be loved more than coffee is WONDERFUL!

    *my favorite Panettone bread is at the store now (Christmas bread).
    *finished painting a dresser
    *your comment made me smile this morning
    *I climbed Horsetail Falls years ago

  6. Got another episode written for my Kindle Vella story. I'm making a split pea curry in the crockpot for dinner. The fact I don't have to go to work today is making me smile. And my random fact? I've ridden on an elephant in Thailand. :D Have a great weekend, Regine!

  7. Spending time with my family makes me smile. Organizing my craft-guest room continues to be a win! I am making cards for my blog. LIttle known fact geneology research on my dad's side traces our family back to the house of "Stuart" in Scotland. A cousin of King James and King George. So I guess that would make me me a very very very distant cousin of King Charles III. I don't think we will be invited to Sandringham for Christmas any time soon!

  8. Win: survived my first Coach-In-Training class!
    Making: a sandwich
    Smiling about this beautiful fall weather!
    Random fact: I'm double-jointed in both of my thumbs

    So fun, darling!
    Happy weekend!


  9. The kittens appear to be regaining their health (which makes us smile). Shortly I will be making/preparing a Sunday Selections post. Random fact: After a dose of chemotherapy more than a decade ago I have no hair on my legs or arms.

  10. I was not feeling too well, but I was able to take my drugs.
    I am getting better.
    I and my partner have been practising new techniques to improve our mental health and it has been going well.
    Happy weekend

  11. My wins: a couple of scenic walks. I made a delicious dinner. My dogs make me smile. And a random fact, I am short.

  12. My win for the week is planning and executing a great Pajama Day for my Kindergarteners today!

    I am making iced coffee.

    My cats are making me smile.

    Random fact: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

    I hope that you're doing well lovely! I keep you in my prayers always. <3

  13. Random fact - I love to travel!
    Have a great weekend, R 💐

  14. I have gotten to eat out somewhere these last two days! Olive Garden and our favorite Mexican food place and it's not even my birthday.

    I got to visit with family. Taylor Swift's new CD is finally out.

    Random fact: Popcorn has become my favorite food.

    All the best to a sweet weekend!