Friday, July 21, 2023


 Refined by fire

Molded and shaped

Into a creation

I can be proud of

What a thought

What I’ve despised

Is now something

I desire so much

I can’t live without


Why I’ve fought Your instruction and counsel I will never understand. You’ve brought me to my knees literally. And now I truly see what I’ve been missing doing it my way.   Oh Lord, I’m so sorry. You’re taking a bum knee to rehab what really needs mending. 

My heart is undergoing a revival. I doubted you could do. Well Lord, here i am to say:  it feels good to surrender my will for Yours. 


  1. So brave, darling!
    Thx for checking on me, I'm not well but am buoyed by your support and strength.


  2. Oh, Regine, that is so true...oftentimes it takes us being set aside or going through some kind of trial to help us to see what is really important in life. I wish we could all figure it out without having to go through trials, but that just seems to be human nature. Praying your knee is mending as well as your heart. Blessings.

  3. I love your words always. You really speak from your heart. I hope the weekend blesses you tremendously. Take care

  4. Hallelujah - surrender is not easy, but well done on working on it!
    Hugs and blessings