Monday, June 24, 2024


Favorite summer destination?
Favorite summer movie?
Favorite summer outfit?
Favorite summer food and drink?


  1. Lexington, Michigan at the harbor, about 32 years ago.


    Those running shorts from the 1970's with the piping on the sides. I haven't worn them since then!

    Superman ice cream and Faygo Redpop.

  2. I love going up into the mountains in the summer for a cookout. (Hot dogs and s'mores!) We always try to pick a picnic site near a river or waterfall.
    Favorite summer movie: Once I Was a Beehive
    Favorite summer outfit: cool capris and light tee
    And I love eating creamsicles or milkshakes in the summer. Anything to help me cool off! Fresh strawberries are also yummy. :D


  3. City tour, Dirty Dancing, Dress, Tabbouleh & Lassi

  4. Greece
    Grease and Mamma Mia!
    Ice cream and Sangria

  5. *grandma's farm in Iowa.
    *shorts and shirt and flip flops
    *hot dogs and iced tea

    Have a splendid week, Regine.


  6. London
    Chungking Express
    Midi dress and sandals
    Cherries, watermelon + matcha lemonade
    May this week be a blessing for you my dear <3

  7. Fave summer outfit: Tshirt and jean shorts:)

  8. 1. If I had the opportunity to have a real vacation it would be through the mountains to Blue Ridge Skyway. 2. My fave summer movie was the last Star Trek one in May of 2013. Happens to be on the day (after) my son got married. :-) 3. Fave summer outfit, capris or jeans and T. 4. Fave summer food and drink...hotdogs, grilled with mustard and relish and onion. Hamburgers with onion, catsup, cheese, lettuce, tomato, hamburger pickle slices. Either iced tea or diet Coke.

  9. Sorry, but summer is my least favourite season, especially now that temperatures are at record highs. I basically just sit inside with the A/C on. I don't function well in the heat.
    I'm sure you can relate.

  10. I'm with Wendy. Give me fall or spring!

  11. Hi! This is fun! Favorite place to vacation: The beach! Movie: Jaws! Favorite outfit: I love the cotton dresses. I just throw them on and go! And food: Hot Dogs and lemonade!

  12. Hawaii
    Enchiladas and a Margarita
    Movie...Fried Green Tomatoes
    I love Capris and T shirts:)

  13. «Where there's a will there's a way.»
    Have a nice summer, Cris. 🏵️⛱️⛵

  14. Destination - The beach!! - any beach :)
    Movie - don't watch theme to know - never have really
    Clothing - a sun hat - a bit late now as I am reaping the consequences of not wearing one when young!!
    Food and Drink - Hokey Pokey Ice Cream and ginger beer (a soft drink/soda, despite the name)

  15. Anywhere by or in the water is my favorite place to be. Favorite movie - Downton Abbey the New Era. Anything flowy and easy to throw on. And I'm craving my grandmother's potato salad and my grandfather's burnt hot dogs off the grill. <3